Mystic Valley Foundry

When you get an idea, we'll get it done.


Since its incorporation in 1936, Mystic Valley Foundry has provided its customers with high quality aluminum and brass/bronze castings.  We have the ability to handle large volume, high quality work from plans to finished product, yet we fully appreciate that all jobs start small.

We take pride that our company is flexible enough to maintain long term relationships with customers as diverse as large volume aerospace companies to low volume boat builders.

Our state of the art software and manufacturing technologies allow us to rapidly produce your low, medium, or high volume castings.  Yet we can also reproduce your casting (machinery, architectural, etc.) from an existing part  with no tooling required.

Why Choose Mystic Valley Foundry?

  • Engineering and Product Design Assistance
  • Metal, Plastic, and Wood Patterns
  • Rapid Prototyping and Quick Turnaround
  • Loose to Automatic Molding
  • Castings with Superior Characteristics
  • Experience with All Non-Ferrous Alloys – Aluminum, Brass, Bronze
  • Quantities from Prototype to Thousands of Castings
  • Castings Delivered On Time – This Time and Every Time
  • Services Range from Casting to Finished Product
  • Responsive Customer Service


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