Mystic Valley Foundry

Mystic Valley Foundry has over 70 years of experience with most of the commercially available metals and alloys.

This is a list of commonly poured and in stock metals and alloys.

Copper Based Metals and Alloys

Pure Copper
   - Electrical connectors; power transmission (best conductivity)
115 - CDA83600
   - Leaded red brass; good bearing properties; general use; least cost
131 - CDA83300 - High copper;
     electrical connectors
132 - CDA83450
   - Low lead; general use; replacement for Alloy #115
205 - CDA90700
   - Tin bronze for gears, bearings, and high pressure steam
210 - CDA90500
   - Leaded tin bronze for gears and bearings
245 - CDA92200
   - General use; low lead upgrade for Alloy #B2
403 - CDA85400
   - Yellow brass; ornamental castings
415A-D - CDA955
   - Nickel aluminum bronze for extreme conditions; very good corrosion wear and strength characteristics
421 - CDA86500
   - Manganese bronze; general purpose high strength metal
424 - CDA863
   - High strength manganese bronze; highest strength; hardest commonly poured non-ferrous alloy; good
     replacement for ferrous alloys
500 - Everdur
   - Silicon bronze; very good corrosion resistance and weld-ability

Aluminum Based Metals

   - Silicon Aluminum; general purpose Al.; good all-around casting characteristics (corroding strength,
     ductility, welding)
   - Silicon Aluminum; general purpose Al.; slightly higher mechanical properties than 356
   - General purpose Al.; good stability and machine-ability without heat treating
   - Magnesium Aluminum; good strength; very good corrosion resistance
   - Zinc Aluminum; good mechanical properties; naturally aging (stability and machine-ability)
   - Specialty Alloy designed for its ability to bend without cracking

Zinc Based Metals

Pure Zinc - Za-8-12-27
   - Has excellent strength and stability in certain applications; can replace cast iron

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