Mystic Valley Foundry
Mystic Valley Foundry provides service, quality,
and good pricing with direct line communication and no run-around. Producer of Medical & Semiconductor Equipment



Computer Setup at Mystic Valley FoundryWe can make metal, plastic, or wood patterns from existing parts, traditional blueprints, or CAD files.


We use traditional molding techniques combined with state-of-the-art technology to produce superior castings. Casting weights can be from 1 oz. in Aluminum to 500 lbs. in Brass, from " to 14 feet in length, with a 3,000 lb. capacity per day in Bronze.

Casting Features

  • Smooth Finish
  • Precision Capabilities
  • 1 to 10,000 Castings

Size Range

  • Aluminum - 1 oz. to 200 lbs
  • Brass/Bronze - 1 oz. to 500 lbs
  • " to 14+ Ft.

Molding Techniques

  • Automatic
  • Bench
  • Floor
  • Loose

Core Making

  • CO2
  • Oil Sand
  • No Bake
  • Shell


We will hand finish, sand blast, wheelabrate, polish, tumble and machine to your specifications. We provide certificates of compliance, chemical/physical analysis and heat treating. We will meet x-ray and dye penitrant standards for all commercial and military applications.


Pouring Metal ImageMystic Valley Foundry has over 70 years of experience with most of the commercially available metals and alloys. This is a list of commonly poured and in stock metals and alloys.

Aluminum Based Metals

- Silicon Aluminum; general purpose Al.; good stability and machine-ability without heat treating
- Silicon Aluminum; general purpose Al.; good all-around casting characteristics
  (corroding strength, ductility, welding)
- Silicon Aluminum; general purpose Al.; slightly higher mechanical properties than 356
- Specialty alloy designed for its ability to bend without cracking
- Magnesium Aluminum; good strength; very good corrosion resistance
- Zinc Aluminum; good mechanical properties; naturally aging (stability and machine-ability)

Copper Based Metals and Alloys

Pure Copper
- Electrical connectors; power transmission (best conductivity)
115 - CDA83600
- Leaded red brass; good bearing properties; general use; least cost
131 - CDA83300
- High copper; electrical connectors
132 - CDA83450
- Low lead; general use; replacement for Alloy #115
205 - CDA90700
- Tin bronze for gears, bearings, and high pressure steam
210 - CDA90500
- Leaded tin bronze for gears and bearings
245 - CDA92200
- General use; low lead upgrade for Alloy #B2
403 - CDA85400
- Yellow brass; ornamental castings
415A-D - CDA955
- Nickel aluminum bronze for extreme conditions; very good corrosion wear and strength characteristics
421 - CDA86500
- Manganese bronze; general purpose high strength metal
424 - CDA863
- High strength manganese bronze; highest strength; hardest commonly poured non-ferrous alloy;
  good replacement for ferrous alloys
500 - Everdur
- Silicon bronze; very good corrosion resistance and weld-ability

Zinc Based Metals

Pure Zinc

- Has excellent strength and stability in certain applications; can replace cast iron

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